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Branding for sports events provides bib numbers, t-shirts, posters and other advertising materials with the logo of your sports club, organization or sponsor. We use cutting edge technology and because of that we can offer you the best price!

Take our bib printing technology. We print bibs on Tyvek or Teslin. Both types of paper are untearable and bio degradable en because of our modern printers we do not have to charge you with a setup charge. Especially for a small number of bibs the setup charge weighs too heavy on the total cost. If you also take into account that nine times out of ten we can deliver within a week for a very good price you understand why a lot of organizations  use our services.

We are also the only bib printing compay that can deliver bibs with  IPICO bib tags. All you have to do is hand the bibs to runners and start timing.


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