Bib numbers with IPICO tags

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Bib numbers with IPICO tags

We can attach a bib ring-tag from IPICO Sports to all our bib numbers. IPICO Sports is one of the most reliable tags in the world and is used in events such as the London, Tokyo and Istanbul marathon.

For you this service means you do not have to worry about finding people to attach the tag to the bib and find someone able to work accurate enough to scan all the tags with the right bib. We deliver the complete package, bib and tagmap file, to you. All you have to do is distribute the bibs to the runners.

Tyvek bib numbers with IPICO tag are € 1,20 per bib
Teslin bib numbers with IPICO tag are € 1,23 per bib
Surcharge for solid background color or full background logo: € 0,02

We do not charge you setup or proof of concept charges

Prices on this page are excl. VAT & shipping